cranberry chair with the view

...now i have a strange floral sofa
and two cranberry chairs that can rock and twist 360 degrees
for the full view of the world around...

this morning i rented a pick-up truck at Home Depot -
$20.00 for 70 min - good big truck, not a small japs nissan

i asked Barry-the-realtor, nice guy, to help
he was wearing his hat with manure on it...

he grows tomatoes, and he is very fond of russian "Black Krim" sort
his dream is to get one 'sazhenetz' and grow it in his yard
he has a allergy to tomatoes (love and hate under the same hat)

we made it in 70 min!
and without a speedig ticket

now i have a strange looking floral sofa and two cranberry chairs...
i guess, now i can invite a guest over
one at a time