Спасибо всем, кто поздравил меня с именинами -
Днем поминовения мученицы Наталии.

Мучч. Олипiада и Наталiя

Эту икону прислала мне моя дорогая сестра Олимпиада, и это довольно редкий образ Св.Наталии и Олимпиады вместе. Я точно не помню историю этой иконы, если она и была мне рассказана... Написана она на дереве, и происхождением из Линтульского монастыря в Финляндии. На обороте в старой орфографии карандашом написано Муч. Наталiя, Муч. Олимпiада...

additional info:

This icon was owned by nun Evgenya (Tatyana Iljynishna Golovina). She was born in 1902 in the governement of Kursk in a peasant family. Since 1909 she was pupil in the Lintula Monastery School for orphans in Carelian Isthmus (Kivennapa). She stayed in the monastery and became nun in 1947. She was singer in the monastery choir since 1916, and recited intercessory prayers during the holy Liturgies. Her mother was nun Evnikya who arrived the monastery after her husband's death.

Nun Evgenya lived in the monastery 82 years. She died in spring 1990 and is now buried in the cemetery of the Monastery of New Valamo. After she had slept away, the Lintula sisters and mothers noticed that her icons stayed warm of prayer.

In Lintula monastery there is a small old wooden building, near the main house, behind the church. There is a small room with a large owen and two windows opening to the garden. This was the cell where nun Evgenya lived - first with her old mother, then alone. In the wallpaper you could still see where the icon corner had been.

Later I was to have this icon, because my heavenly prayer is Olimpiada. Now it belongs to my dear sister in Christ Natalia.


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